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Professional Chimney Sweeps For The Ashford, Surrey Area

We at C.S.C.S LOGISTICS have been in the business for over 15 years and cater for commercial and domestic customers alike. We operate throughout the west of London and in particular the Ashford area. We believe in providing a courteous, affordable and efficient service. We make sure your chimney`s condition and ventilation system is in tip top condition.

Put Safety First, Hire A Chimney Sweep Today!

House fires can be prevented and if you have a fire that is being used on day to day basis, then you need to hire a professional chimney sweep to come in and inspect the ventilation system to make sure there are no problems existing at the moment or in the future. Flammable material can build up inside the chimney and need to be removed completely and safely by a professional. Give us a call on 07704 980 956 today to arrange an appointment for an chimney inspection.

The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Not To Be Taken Lightly

Toxic gases can build up in the chimney system when it is not cleaned on a regular basis. It is prudent to make sure the chimney passage is clear and unblocked by having a professional chimney sweep come in and inspect your property.

Carbon monoxide poisoning has been in the news a lot recently and one of the causes is a blocked chimney passage not allowing free flow of fumes to the outside world. Many foreign bodies can obstruct a chimney including, soot, debris from the building, bird nests, plant material e.g. branches and leafs etc. A smoke draw test needs to be performed on all the chimneys in question to make sure there is proper ventilation.

Some of our services:

  • Chimney Sweeping - all your chimneys/flues swept and cleaned.
  • Chimney Capping - no longer using your chimney? Then have it capped to stop heat loss.
  • Certifications - we can give you a certificate to prove you have had your chimney professionally cleaned.
  • Pots and Cowls Fitted - essential to make your appliance and flues work properly.
  • Weddings Attended for Good Luck - an old tradition for good luck.
  • Safety Inspections - inspecting your fireplace and chimney for any issues.
  • Smoke Testing - we can test your chimney for proper smoke ventilation.
  • Fireplace Sizing - bigger the fireplaces need a bigger flue.
  • Ventilation Appraisal - will highlight if carbon monoxide build up is a problem.

For more information on what services we can supply you and your fireplace, then please don't hesitate to contact us on 07704 980 956 or email us here

How often you need to clean your chimney will depend on what fuel you burn, below is a guide to how often it needs to be cleaned:

  • Coal (every 6 months)
  • Smokeless Coal (every year)
  • Wood Burning (4 times a year)
  • Oil (once a year)
  • Gas (yearly)

It is wise when using chimney sweeps to keep a record of what they have done and when. Insurance companies are more likely to process your claim if there is a fire on the property caused by the chimney and you have taken adequate measures to make sure your chimney was as safe to use as possible.

Chimney Sweep Is For Good Luck At Your Wedding

A shake of the hand or kiss from a chimney sweep is sign of good luck for the happy couple. The tradition goes back to the 19th century when a chimney sweep fell from a roof and hanging by a thread from the gutter was saved by a woman intended to be married soon. She pulled him to safety, which meant saving his life and one thing led to another they fell in love and were later married.

So to carry on the tradition why not have one of our chimney sweeps at your wedding, we all need a bit of good luck in life.

If you would like more information on what we can do for you, then please don't hesitate to contact us on 07704 980 956.

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