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World War 2 Pigeon Is Found With A Secret Message

While renovating his home in Surrey, home owner David Martin found the remains of a dead pigeon in his chimney. The pigeon had been a secret messenger carrier in the second world war and wrapped around its legs was a secret message.

He passed the message onto the authorities and at GCHQ they have been trying to decipher the message, but so far with no success .

They believe that help from the public is the best way to decode the message - "There are still quite a lot of people alive who worked in communications centres during the war and who might have some knowledge about this and it would be very interesting if anyone did have information if they could put it in the pot and we could see if we could get any further with it"

For more information on the original story follow this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20456782

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